Copy of Who We Are (Swim)

Designed through a cool-Aunt vibe with a cool-Mom's practicality, we wanted to fill what we felt was missing from children's markets when searching for exciting and bold clothing.

Enter YTCO 2.0. (because this is round 2!)

We pivoted, and refocused YTCO to encompass not only our love for the beach and water, but also in consideration of protecting the kids in our lives from the harmful effects of the sun. This is a new line but it's the same attention to quality and detail, the same bright colour combinations, and are exclusive prints created in-house will stimulate the mind and open the imagination. We're starting small  - 1 design and then we'll move on from there. Our quality and functionality are sure to outlast your child's latest adventures. When they've outgrown our pieces, pass them on to siblings, cousins and friends, and share the love. Keep on swimming.

  Our Values-based Approach

We're easy. We hope our garments give back something more valuable: time and joy (and world peace).

Founded by sisters. Designed in Canada. Ethically produced in Mexico. For the Fliers, the Dreamers, and the In-betweeners to explore and grow in.


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